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Zasso achieves the milestone of 100 Electroherb™ equipment shipped to the market, including 50 XPower™ in Europe.

Zasso´s updated website and logo are also rolled out.

Zasso, the world’s leader in electric weeding solutions, is pleased to announce that it has reached the milestone of 100 Electroherb™ equipment shipped to the market, including 50 XPower™ in Europe and 50 Thor and Tupa solutions in Latin America. Over 16 countries have now Zasso equipment in operation.

XPower Growth

The tractor-based XPower electric weeding solution is ideal for farmers, winemakers and landscape service providers focused on a responsible transition towards non-chemical practices. To date, three XPower products are in the market: the XPU for urban solutions, the XPS for vineyards/ orchards and the XP300 for area application.

The XPower products are sold exclusively through AGXTEND’s innovation platform. AGXTEND is an aftermarket brand of CNH Industrial which brings to market innovative, disruptive technologies into the agricultural sector, and commercializes Zasso’s tractor-based electric weeding solutions under the XPower product name.

We have been very pleased by the satisfaction of our clients with regards to the efficiency, competitivity and safety of the XPower solution.

Karsten Vialon, CNH Industrial’s Head of Product Management at AGXTEND

Since the announcement of the minority investment of CNH Industrial into Zasso, the Company has accelerated its development processes and tripled its manufacturing capacity in Europe.

Beneficiating from this fruitful partnership, the growth is a result of successful focus on technological leadership, strong market
support, high safety and quality standards. Disruptive innovation is hard. It is extremely satisfying to see such strong ramp-up since our commercial launch in Europe just two years ago. Furthermore, we are continuously developing and designing new equipment for other application solutions where we also see big potential weed control challenges.

Benjamin Ergas, Co-CEO Zasso Group AG

The growth of Zasso has also brought in significant young talent and energy, to help the Company develop a careful and strategic path. Zasso now has a total of 80 employees in Europe and Latin America.

The means to solve agriculture’s big challenges are clearly evolving from chemical to digital, power electronics and physical technologies. Zasso is proud to play a growing role towards an herbicide-free world.

Sergio Coutinho, Co-CEO Zasso Group AG

New brand, new website

In addition, after many months of hard work and dedication from the team at Zasso, the Company is pleased to announce the launch of its updated website, now available in five languages.

The primary goal during the redesign process was to create a more valuable, user-centric and responsive resource across all platforms and devices.

Zasso is also announcing the rebranding of its logo with a new black and white colour scheme.