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Zasso’s electrical weeding machines become integrated into CNH Industrial’s product portfolio in Latin America

XPower™ solution was developed by Zasso, a multinational with Brazilian origin, and is part of the portfolio of solutions called AGXTEND, focused on digital agriculture launched last week, now for Latin America.

AGXTEND, a CNH Industrial brand, was launched in 2018 and focuses on retrofit solutions for precision agriculture. AGXTEND's goal is to increase productivity through the use of precision farming technologies. AGXTEND solutions offer complete integration for all machines through strict compliance with standards such as ISBOUS and ISOXML. AGXTEND is a technology platform and currently partners with Zasso, AppsforAgri, Fritzmeier, Geoprospectors and Dinamica Generale.

Electric weeding is now part of CNH Industrial’s product portfolio also in Latin America. The launch of the AGXTEND platform in Brazil, which includes this service, took place last week. The tool is part of a package of 10 solutions for digital agriculture that brings together technologies from the best companies and startups in the market.

In Europe, through CNHi, our XPower™ technology was already in operation for bush competition in vineyards, urban areas, and even for total area. Now, citrus and coffee producers in Latam will also be able to count on this sustainable and effective tool.

Sergio Coutinho, Co-CEO Zasso Group AG.

Two components, one effect

Both the Café and the Citrus consist of two components that are attached to the front and rear of the tractors. The unit at the rear includes a generator and an electrical control cabinet. The electrical power system immediately destroys the plant structure through the front applicators, as well as the plant’s water and nutrient system down to the roots with a single treatment, as the cells and vascular bundles are irreparably destroyed. This ensures that the plants are no longer alive; this makes the electrophysical process much safer and more efficient than other methods of weed control, after which the plants can sometimes take root again.


The use of the XPower device offers advantages over other methods. Because its mode of action is systemic, the effect is as long-lasting as with chemical processes, but they are completely substituted. The effect depends only slightly on time of day or temperature, and no specific plant resistance is to be expected. Since there is no intervention in the soil, it remains protected against erosion and the seed supply is not stimulated by germs. There is no chemical residue – a particular advantage, especially with agricultural use, is that the soil life remains unchanged.