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Zasso is an innovative Swiss-based company specialized in non-chemical weed management solutions using advanced power electronics. 

Originally developed in Brazil, the patented technology targets both the shoots and the even more critical roots of undesired plants systemically by employing advanced lightweight high-voltage methods. 

The solution is commercialized under the names of ElectroherbTM or XPOWERTM.  Its flexible, interchangeable applicators allow the system to be used in a range of surfaces and segments including agriculture, consumer market, and urban areas. 

To provide the efficient, viable, and necessary technologies for a herbicide-free world.
To be recognized as the company that reshaped the global weeding paradigm.
Work with integrity, passion, transparency, and diligence to be the change we want. Learn and apply learning concretely to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.


The company’s headquarter is located in Switzerland, one of the most innovative and sustainable countries in the world.

雑草 = ZASSO = WEED  –  The name was chosen in honour of Satoru Narita, the Japanese Brazilian who had developed and field tested, in the early 1990s in Brazil, the first electric weeding equipment.


Zasso was born as Sayyou in 1992 in Botucatu.  It is where the Electroherb™ technology was originally developed and commercialized.  Today, Zasso Ltda represents the R&D and commercial base for all of Central and Latin America.  It is based in Indaiatuba, an hour ½ from the city of São Paulo.


Founded in 2016, Zasso GmbH represents the development and commercial base for all of Europe.  It is based in Aachen, Germany, an hour south of Düsseldorf.



Benjamin Ergas


French / American entrepreneur with 20+ years of leadership experience in sustainable development in Switzerland, the UK, the US and Latin America.  His focus has consistently been in the areas of green finance, natural resources and clean tech. 

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Sergio Coutinho


Zasso’s Founder is a Brazilian entrepreneur with 15 years of experience launching successful tech companies in different markets. His knowledge and creativity in ag-tech has been recognized through many national and international business and innovation prizes.

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