Vineyards / Orchards

XPS ── (europe)

The Challenge

The XPS solution is adapted to address the specific weeding needs of wine and fruits growers. Compactness and ease of use, and to meet the increasing demand of organically farmed products.

This device is part of the XPower family of electric weeding solutions, developed by Zasso. For more information or a quote, please contact Zasso at

The Concept

The XPS electric weeding solution composes of fixed and movable electrodes that treat weed beside the inter-row area and allow passive rotation around the stem of vine and fruit trees. Special attention has been paid to the kinematics of the swing arm, in order to treat weeds, close to the stem while respecting its integrity. Maximum operational safety is ensured through insulating materials and optimized mechanical geometries.
The XPS meets the highest safety standards and has CE certification.

24 kW

1200 kg

1.52-4.84 m

Up to 4 km/h

75 HP