Urban / Hydraulic Arm

XPA ── (europe)

The Challenge

Weeds grow everywhere, and sometimes in areas difficult to access, such as embankments or alongside/beneath guard rails. Until now, there was no available solution in the market to remove weeds in hard-to-access areas.

Zasso partnered with Group Verschueren to develop a hydraulic arm that is mounted on compatible tractors, making possible electrical weed control in inaccessible areas.

This device is part of the XPower family of electric weeding solutions, developed by Zasso. For more information or a quote, please contact Zasso at info@zasso.com.

The Solution

The XPower XPA combines the established capabilities of the XPower XPU unit with the versatility of a hydraulic arm, allowing the benefits of this weed control solution to be extended to hard-to-access areas. With a 1.2m working width, a working speed of 1.0-5.0 km/h and an 8,000-volt capacity to instantly incapacitate weeds, including invasive plants and chemical-resistant weeds, the system provides fast and effective control in an environmentally responsible manner.

The hydraulic arm that can be supplied with the XPA system is compatible with tractors of 200hp and above that have the dimensions and weight to be able to handle a large operating radius with a range of up to 7.2m from the centre of the tractor to the centre of the XPA unit. Full integration of the hydraulic arm into the tractor frame ensures maximum stability, with comfortable and precise operation via electrical proportional control. The 360-degree control head with automatic levelling function and special XPower safety features helps ensure safe and efficient operation.

36 kW

1500 kg

120 m

Up to 4 km/h

200 HP