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Silver Boxwood award for Zasso at Agribex

Innovation recognized! Zasso is proud to announce that its XPower XPU electric weeding solution, for the urban market, has been honored with the Silver Boxwood medal award in the category ‘garden and green spaces’ on the upcoming Agribex fair, in Belgium.

Agribex the agricultural and green sector. At the trade fair, you will be able to meet and network with colleagues from a wide spectrum of the agricultural sector in an attractive and pleasant setting. You can also target suppliers with your specific wishes, expectations and purchase plans.  

About 2 years ago, the use of electrical weed control as an alternative to the use of chemical herbicides was introduced with the (Zasso) AgXtend XP300 for use in arable farming and the XPS for use in viticulture.

The machine consists of a high voltage electricity generator. The generated electrical current runs through the plants into the soil via an applicator. The electrical circuit is closed by a second applicator that either touches other plants or the ground. The energy makes the plants wilt from the inside out, right down to the roots.

The specially designed AgXtend XPU is now available to perform green maintenance more efficiently. The 125 cm of working width on the front unit also has a left/right side-shift capability of 60 cm. Its compact design makes this machine ideal for narrow-track tractors. This device can be used for the maintenance of public paths and squares, as well as streets and industrial areas. Thanks to the flexible stainless steel electrodes, the applicator adapts to any surface and is very accurate on pavements, gravel or soil.