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Positive efficiency results from 3-year EIP/DLR study in Germany

In the last 3 years, as part of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) research project, the efficiency and the environmental impact of the XPower XPS electric weed control solution was evaluated in vineyards together with the research institute DLR “Dienstleistungszetrum Rheinland Pfalz”. The results were published by the German magazine DER DEUTSCHE WEINBAU, the official organ of the German Winegrowers’ Association:

  1. No quality problems were found in the vines treated.
  2. The application of Electroherb reduced the number of weed species continuously at the site during the trial period.
  3. A 2nd and 3rd application resulted in an overall very positive application during the vegetation season in 2021 with an 85% and in 2022 with an 96% reduction of the plant coverage.
  4. The chemical/mechanical applications had the lowest reduction in plant cover in 2021 with 75% and in 2022 with 47%.
  5. The grasses and deep rooting weeds were hardest to kill by the Electroherb. They add that special species of this kind of weed were also hard to treat with chemical or mechanical applications.
  6. The technology has no influence to earthworms, the epigean soil fauna and the microbial biomass in the soil.

The disruptive nature of Zasso’s electric weeding technology is absolutely clear. Thanks to our partners for their support!