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New STEYR® 6280 ABSOLUT CVT tractor with XPOWER XPA electrical weed control system for the municipal market

Today, Steyr (from CNH Industrial) announced the launch of its new 6280 ABSOLUT CVT TRACTOR, together with the XPower XPA.

The XPower XPA, powered by Zasso, combines the established capabilities of the XPower XPU unit with the versatility of a hydraulic arm, allowing the benefits of this weed control solution to be extended to hard-to-access areas such as embankments or alongside/beneath guard rails. With a 1.2m working width, a working speed of 1.0-5.0 km/h and an 8,000-volt capacity to instantly incapacitate weeds, including invasive plants and chemical-resistant weeds, the system provides fast and effective control in an environmentally responsible manner.

The hydraulic arm was developed, and is manufactured and installed, by Group Verschueren.

Check full release below:

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