Area application

XP300 ── (europe)

The Challenge

The XP300 is Zasso’s equipment for full area applications. By using the patented Electroherb™ Technology it is the only equipment on the market for full area applications. The systemic characteristics of electrophysical weeding allow a sustainable control of undesired weeds, even of the most invasive or herbicide resistant species.

The XP300 is part of AGXTEND’s XPower™ family of electric weeding solutions. It is only available commercially in Europe for the moment, exclusively through CNH Industrial. Please click below for more information.

The Concept

The tractor based XP300 with a working width of 3m is designed to be used in agricultural scenarios. Customers use the XP300 for pre-emergence weeding, potato desiccation or catch crop killing. The XP300 system consists of two components that are attached to the front and rear of tractors. The supply unit includes a generator, the electrical control unit and the swich cabinet. The applicator unit in the front (3m) includes 24 high-voltage power modules with and output of 72 kW. The flexible electrodes adapt well to any weeds, ensuring optimal power and thus adequate energy turnover.
With our implemented safety features we achieve the highest safety standards and can therefore CE certify all our devices.

72 kW

2500 kg

3.00 m

Up to 4 km/h

150 HP