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Certis Europe trials with Electroherb™ for chemical-free weed control on railway

Zasso continues its collaboration with Certis following successful initial trials over the last year using Electroherb® technology for plant management on railway tracks. The Rail Services division of Certis has confirmed that weeds and invasive plants were controlled effectively on test track areas using a modified road-rail vehicle.

Certis Europe operates from branches across Europe and, outside Europe, through its International
Business Unit. It also has close links with Certis USA.

Further work will now be undertaken to verify that the system will comply with rail company
requirements and specifications for safety purposes and will not impact adversely on the rail
infrastructure in any way. It will be important to establish the number of treatments needed to
maintain acceptable levels of weed control and to consider consequent commercial implications. If the technology is proven to be viable in the rail environment, the applicator and specific vehicles for use on rail tracks will be developed in the future.

Stefan Wilmsmann of the Certis Europe Railservice foresees exciting possibilities for the Zasso technology on the railroads.

The Certis Railservices division looks to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that will comply with our rail customer needs to keep tracks clear as well as responding to social and political pressures for a reduction in the use of chemical herbicides. The Electroherb system certainly seems to have potential and is likely to be valuable in areas where chemicals are not permitted, in stations or near sensitive areas. It may be that a combination of the new system and chemical herbicides will be most practical.

Stefan Wilmsmann, Certis Europe Railservice