Small Crops

RAIDEN ── (Americas)

The Challenge

Raiden was developed to serve the most compact and versatile market segment. The solution allows the user to work on paths, sidewalks, and curbs, as well as in the agricultural sector for small plantations.
Assembled on a platform that can be a motor tiller or a micro tractor, a weed applicator and power control are integrated with it.

The Raiden equipment is currently only commercially available in the Latin American region. 

The Concept

With a power of 6kW, this equipment is capable of making applications up to 400mm wide. Raiden uses Zasso’s proprietary KRONOS control system, which allows safe and regulated power control.   

Raiden is equipped with various safety systems, such as sensors, emergency buttons, and multiple insulating layers, ensuring total operator safety during application.   

This equipment has the new generation of FULGUR power modules, which control power effectively in all applications, also ensuring the control of sparks and energy waste in areas that have no vegetation to clear.   

6 kW

700 kg

0.40 m

Up to 2 km/h