XP COFFEE ── (latam)

The Challenge

To create an equipment for weeding without herbicide, effective and economical, for use in agricultural crops, more specifically in coffee, raspberry, blueberry or similar, for having narrower streets.

XP Coffee equipment is currently only commercially available in the Latin American region.

The Concept

An equipment with two front applicators, left and right front, covering 0.6 m on each side, capable of controlling weed growth through controlled electric discharges. The applicator is controlled by hydraulic cylinders from 2.4m to 4.0m and has a height control of 0.3m. It has a mechanism that allows the applicator to touch the ground at unevenness of up to 30 degrees. It reaches an application speed of 2 km/h to 3,5km/h.

30 kW

1200 kg

2 x 0.60 m

Up to 3.5 km/h

60-90 CV