Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Electroherb™: the non-chemical crop protection alternative
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Electroherb™: the non-chemical crop protection alternative
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control

Frequently Asked Questions


Weeding mode performed exclusively with electricity. A technology that controls unwanted plants with lightning strikes. It can be applied through different equipment in various environments such as urban, agricultural, forestry, domestic, among others.

The electrical energy required for proper control is applied through an active electrode, which touches the leaves (aerial system) of the target plant. The electric current applied by the active electrode travels the circuit between the leaves (aerial system), roots (root system), soil and passive electrode, which may be in contact with the soil or other plants.

The death of the plant occurs by the destruction of the vascular bundles (xylem and phloem) through which the sap of the plant flows. There is no residual effect or residue after application.

  • Completely free of any chemical agent.
  • Environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.
  • Up to 20x faster than other weeding methods.
  • Certified for use on organic crops.
  • Controls plants resistant to other weeding methods.
  • Economical
  • High power electronics use only lightning strikes to control weeds!
  • Using the same power electronics technology, for each of the various applications there is appropriate equipment.
  • Urban Road equipment is ideal for guides, gutters, sidewalks, squares, parks and highways. Public urban maintenance, condominiums, companies, airports, roads, flowerbeds and other road applications.
  • Portable IZI equipment can be used in gardens, maintenance, landscaping and cleaning companies, gardeners, sports lawns, small crops, grasslands, more focused applications, without drifting or surrounding damage.
  • Agriculture and reforestation equipment is very versatile and can cater for a variety of crops and their unique weeding needs. Like soy, coffee, citrus, among others. For more information on availability of agricultural equipment we advise please contact Zasso.

IZI portable equipment is easy, just follow the recommendations in the manual. Check out videos here. Agricultural, forestry and urban equipment: How to use?These equipments have operation training offered by Zasso Brazil. We can train your staff or, if you prefer, send our already trained operators to service.

All weeds without affecting surrounding crops. No plant has yet been identified that offers significant resistance to weeding technology. Electric weeding controls plants resistant to other methods, such as Buva, bitter grass, massambará grass, ryegrass, etc.

It is a selective system, affects only the plants touched by the electrodes. No risk of drift or leaching. It can be used on weeds without damaging the surrounding lawn or crop.

It is totally safe for the environment, soil, microorganisms, springs and crops close to the application. Does not affect soil quality or yield.

Used within proper parameters, weeding does not significantly affect the direct control of ants or other insects. By not affecting the soil and its microorganisms, it is safe and does not eliminate ants, worms and other animals.

  • IZI: Calculates between 1 and 5 seconds per plant, depending on its shape and size.
  • Weeding: Weeding speed is limited by physical obstacles in operation such as parked cars, poles, benches, holes, etc. For this type of reality, an average speed of approximately 2km / h is calculated.
  • Agricultural or forest weeding: Considering an open and flat area, weeding speed is limited by the power of the equipment. There is no physical limit to the maximum speed, and proportionally more powerful equipment is required to apply to speed or larger areas.

It is not dangerous! It offers no risk of contamination to the operator, population, consumers of treated products, or the environment.
The risk of electrocution is controlled simply by the electrical isolation of the electrodes. Not even the microorganisms around the affected plants suffer damage. Electric discharges are controlled and the electrical system is intelligent and safe. Just follow the basic safety guidelines given in the manual and training.

IZI: Any adult who reads the manual.
Other equipment: Professionals trained by Zasso.

It is okay to operate on damp soils.
Soils that have shallow water mirrors are not suitable for operation.

Yes. Unlike mechanical weeding, weeding does not cause any damage to concrete or asphalt. Just follow the application guidelines.

It’s much more economical than you think! Different marketing models are available for each solution.

Other equipment: Rent or services. Cost savings vary from case to case, and per weed area can be up to 50% in organic crops and up to 80% in urban operations. In certain situations, weeding can be up to 20x faster, and previously allocated employees can meet demands in other areas such as squares, parks, lawns, doing fine urban cleaning and weeding, even with our portable IZI equipment.

Just send an email to:

… or filling the forms at the contact page. 

Only Zasso Group has it! Electric Weeding technology is 100% from Zasso.

  • IZI: Plug or portable generator. Contact us to know about the possibility of using batteries.
  • Urban Solutions: Embedded Generators.
  • Agricultural or forestry solutions: On-board alternators connected to the tractor’s power take-off (TDP).

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