Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Electroherb™: the non-chemical crop protection alternative
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Electroherb™: the non-chemical crop protection alternative
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Electroherb™: the non-chemical crop protection alternative
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control

Isidore Group invites Zasso to talk about the development of its solution for the wine segment in France.

Zasso was invited on the last day of 28.10.19 by Groupe Isidore, in the Cognac / Bordeaux region (France) to give an update on the development of its solution for the wine segment.

Audience of 150 members of the “Fédération Française de la Pépinière Viticole” were present to hear our Chairman and CEO Benjamin Ergas from Switzerland, who showed Zasso’s latest technological developments on viticulture.

Still in the prototyping phase, the Electric Weeding solution in this segment, listened and understood all the needs that wine producers have and suggest, thus making our equipment already go out to meet this demand in a much more assertive way.

We had great feedback and the market expectations are clear, our equipment meets your great necessity.

Thanks to Groupe Isidore for the invitation.

Still worth using herbicides in agriculture?

In the farmer’s daily life, one of the biggest difficulties during planting is the emergence of weeds that compete for water, minerals and other natural resources with the planting and this ends up causing damage during harvest and also financial.

Given this problem, which is present in many farmers’ daily lives, a more commonly used solution is the use of herbicides and pesticides to stop as weeds and return life to the crop. But, on the other hand, the use of herbicides causes great damage to both the farmer and damage caused by the consumption of food that had contact with herbicides.

The use of herbicides:

Pesticide herbicides may consider a single, more affordable weed solution, but they pose a major health risk, causing mainly cancer, as well as skin, throat, and airway irritation.

In addition, they are major air pollutants, groundwater and soil contaminants, especially pre-rain herbicides, which can carry all chemical water to other areas, killing land animals and an entire aquatic habitat.

And even with all this herbicide “chemical strength”, many weeds are resistant to products, resulting in long-term dependence, increased spending and more pollution to the environment.

Family farming is changing:

Increasingly the market is concerned about foods that have had some kind of contact with herbicides and their health risks, opting for foods produced by organic and sustainable agriculture. That is, besides taking up to 24 hours to take effect, does not offer a guaranteed result, with pesticide herbicides, the farmer can still lose consumers who choose an organic diet.

Currently, herbicide use is only one option, because with an electric weeding, the farmer kills weeds instantly, safely and sustainably in over 90% of the applied area.

Zasso is a company that develops weeding equipment using Electroherb technology, which effectively, productively and reliably weeding. Get more sustainability in the field with Zasso.

Consult our contact networks to learn more about Electroherb. [LINK]

New partnership Zasso and Leroy Merlin!

The Zasso’s Brazilian team has been gaining new business and this time with one of the largest retail companies, Leroy Merlin. Known for its chain of stores specializing in building materials, finishing, gardening and DIY, Leroy is considered a multi-home expert! With 44 stores present in major states and cities throughout Brazil, there are more than 100,000 items available to various departments. And as of October 2019, Zasso IZI – Manual Electric Weeding, will be available for purchase in 41 Leroy stores nationwide.

Zasso announces the strengthening of its global strategy by leveraging synergies between Europe and South American operations.

Back to the Roots – We last communicated shortly before our Zasso Field Day held early June, in Aachen, Germany.

Since then, the transition towards non-chemical weeding has been accelerating on all fronts : regulatory, consumer demand and biological resistance.

Zasso has focused these last three months on the strengthening of its electric weeding platform across geographies and end markets.

Key highlights :

  1. Zasso transitioning from a regional development phase to a commercial global strategy
  2. Acceleration of its asset light model, focusing on being the “leading provider of power / control tools to make the world herbicide-free”
  3. Implement a global single hardware, software and electronics solution by leveraging synergies between Europe and South American operations
  4. Managerial realignment that will strengthen cross fertilization between Europe and Brazil and better align world operations with the Board’s strategic guidance: Mr. Sergio Coutinho (Zasso founder) and Mr. Benjamin Ergas, both shareholders, taking the co-CEO roles
    1. Sergio, leveraging 10+ years of management experience in tech and ag-tech companies : responsible for R&D, Product Development, Project Management and Manufacturing ;
    2. Benjamin, leveraging 20+ years in finance and sustainable development in Switzerland, the UK, the US and Latin America : responsible for Finance, Administration, Sales, Service, Law and external Relationship).
  5. Termination of Mr. Dirk Vandenhirtz’ service agreement with Zasso
  6.  Bringing to Europe the most advanced, patented electronics control/power modules

On this basis, we have also strengthened our online presence, which we invite you to consult:
New corporate website
New, more structured and content-rich Youtube channel
Visit our LinkedIn channel

Thank you for your support,

The Zasso Team.

Certis Europe and Zasso – The electroherb enter into Development Collaboration

Certis Europe logotype - The Zasso partner

Guidelines stipulated by the legislator mean that integrated plant management for railway tracks is becoming more and more difficult. Certis, with its proven expertise in weed control on railway systems, helps to overcome all rail technical challenges.

Zasso GmbH and Certis Europe are therefore planning to launch trials this year in order to develop Zassos’ Electroherb™ Technology, which is already established in the agricultural sector, on to the rail tracks.

In cooperation with railway companies, test tracks areas have already been identified where weeds and invasive plants can be treated with the help of a Certis-modified road-rail vehicle. Initial trials in 2018 have already shown that the Zasso technology can sustainably combat a wide range of weeds right down to the roots.

Weeding Demonstration in Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul

Weeding Results! On 02/28/19, our partners from Rio Grande do Sul made a demonstration of the Capina Elétrica urban and road equipment! The photo shows success! Results in Annoni Grass. Representatives of several municipalities in the state were present, like as Porto Alegre, Bagé, Rio Grande, Sao Francisco de Paula, as well as businessmen and large producers in the region.

Find the representative in your country! Visit

Cooxupé Cooperative invites Zasso Brazil for an interview

The Zasso brasilian team held a demonstration of Electric Weeding in Cooxupé (Regional Coffee Growers Cooperative) in Guaxupé / MG. This was another opportunity to showcase our efficient technology for crops and other agricultural sectors.

The rainy season calls attention to the weeds in the crop. Aiming at the search for immediate results, the Electric Weeding harnesses Zasso’s technology, reaching even the deepest roots. A true high precision electronic herbicide that works sustainably!

About the cooperative:

IZI Day – Zasso celebrates the launch of new weeding equipment

Event held on May 24 marks the launch of IZI, Zasso Brasil Portable Electric Weeding Equipment, which kills forests without herbicides. The launch was set in the Helvetia Polo Country Club in Indaiatuba, São Paulo.

In addition to presenting IZI functionalities with practical field demonstrations, the event was enhanced with lectures on Sustainability and Technology. The first lecture of the afternoon was given by Datagro director Guilherme Nastari, who presented a national and international overview of clean technologies in their uses around the world.

Moving to a space mediated by the director of Zasso Brazil, Sérgio Coutinho Filho, between Sylvio Coutinho, director of TRC and João de Almeida Sampaio Filho, Zazo, former Secretary of Agriculture of SP.

Gustavo Carvalho, director of Desinsecta, presented results of the work carried out with Eletroherb, urban weeding equipment in cities of Minas Gerais. Demonstrated through photos and videos the success in the operation of cleaning bush guides, gutters and sidewalks with the technology of Zasso Brazil.

Closing the afternoon lecture cycle, Sergio Coutinho Filho, director of Zasso Brazil introduced IZI to everyone. The equipment makes Electric Weeding in a focused, drift-free, light and easy way. Ideal for gardens, vegetable gardens, small crops and lawns. All were invited to test on the lawn and prove the effectiveness of the bush without herbicides.

Public Success The event brought together customers and partners from Zasso Brazil who are looking for sustainable weeding alternatives. Check out the video and photos in our gallery.

Success in the state of Minas Gerais: Minas Gerais Association of Municipalities evaluates Zasso Urban Electric Weeding

A new technology has been employed to rid streets and avenues of the unwanted aspect and the problems arising from the vegetation growth in the gutters and guides of Brazilian municipalities. The tropical climate of the country favors the emergence of the bush, as it has two fundamental elements for its growth, especially at this time of year: rain and sun. With the ban on the use of chemical weeding, due to the imminent danger of its use to operators, the population and the environment and the difficulty of municipalities to allocate labor to the weeding, a revolutionary equipment that uses a clean input emerges in this scenario. and efficient to do the job: the electricity!

The Eletroherb, created by Zasso, uses an electric discharge to eliminate the bush reaching to the root, with an impressive average production of approximately 1000 meters per hour!

Desinsecta – Lagoa da Prata is the company responsible for all the commercial part of the service in Minas Gerais and is already seeking partnerships to extend operations in several regions of the state. [to be continued]

Read the full article here.


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