Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Electroherb™: the non-chemical crop protection alternative
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Electroherb™: the non-chemical crop protection alternative
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control

Positive electric weeding tests in vineyards validated by French Wine Institute (IFV)

Zasso concluded its first independent validation of the XPS electric weeding solution in vineyards. Results from the French Wine Institute showed 80% weed control efficacy under optimal conditions, statistically similar effectiveness to chemical weeding, Integrity of vine respected, and no negative effect of electric weeding seen on earthworm population. Read the complete result in the Press Release below.

Positive preliminary XPS electric weeding tests in Apple tree orchards

Zasso is pleased to report very positive preliminary electric weeding results in Apple tree orchards, following a full year of efficiency tests with CTIFL, the leading Interprofessional Technical Centre for Fruit and Vegetables in France. CTIFL’s report states that the XPS represented a suitable alternative to conventional, chemical weed control practices or to other alternative practices.

CNH Industrial N.V. becomes a minority shareholder of Zasso Group AG

Today, we are proud to announce that CNH Industrial, a world leading supplier to the agricultural markets, has acquired a minority stake in Zasso Group AG. This transaction, a vote of confidence on the quality and potential of our company, brings us four fundamental benefits: 1) a gain in legitimacy, 2) increased distribution capability, 3) greater funding for development and 4) a continuation of our independence. It strengthens significantly our ability to play a leading role in the transition towards a herbicide-free world.

For further information, read the press release at CNHi Post.

Statement Zasso™ 2020

A viable world? With social responsibility? Environmental sustainability? You are not alone! Zasso™ is working every day to propose a better world, a world free of herbicides. The future is the one we create. Find out more about what inspires us in our new Statement video.

With the use of controlled and high-powered electrical discharges, Zasso’s™ technology allows the destruction of plants to the root, with an effect that lasts longer, comparable to that obtained with conventional agrochemicals. Click here to learn more about the technology Electroherb™

Launch of Agxtend XPU sustainable weed control without chemicals

Xpower XPU electric weeding

Zasso™ launches the XPower XPU solution with AGXTEND, offering municipal and landscaping companies a new disruptive and efficient way of combating weeds without herbicides. As a highly effective alternative to chemical agents, the tractor-based XPU allows the systemic control of unwanted vegetation thanks to the tested XPower™ system and electrophysical technology. Such chemical-free solutions for weed control are becoming more and more important in municipal environments, in gardening and landscaping as well as for special weed control needs such as in industrial areas and on paths. The advantages of the XPower™ system, which has already been tested itself in agriculture, can be seen among other things: it is residue-free, at any time of the year and largely independent of the time of day and temperature as well as the systemic effect on the weed. 

Read more below at this PR!

Zasso is among the 100 StartUps to better agriculture

Ecological catastrophes, sadly, are becoming a reality in most countries, including Brazil and recently in the Amazon and Pantanal.   These events are a warning for the necessary changes in social behavior and also in the agricultural sector. This is already happening and with great pleasure, we can say we are part of this process. Zasso™ was considered one of the 100 best startups that provide better agriculture.   “The objective of this study is to provide an overview of the agricultural challenges faced in France, to present the needs of the farmers we interviewed, and to position 100 solutions that we believe we can meet them”.  Check out the complete study: 

Zasso is in the Top 5 agtech start-ups

Zasso electric weeding

Zasso is pleased to feature in the Top 5 agtech start-ups (agricultural cycle automation) impacting the industry, out of 438 companies. Disruptive innovation is hard. It is our focus to transition as best as possible from early adopters of our solution to a broad paradigm shift where electric weeding will be accepted as the new normal. This is the challenge that drives us. Let’s keep climbing!

Source: StartUs Insights

Zasso delivered its first XPU in France

XPU urban electric weeding
XPU is Zasso’s first electric weeding solution in the non-agro environment, for municipalities, green space maintenance, and industrial zones. Zero chemicals, but just as effective as glyphosate. Distributed through AGXTEND, from CNH Industrial. Thanks to the whole Zasso team for this milestone (Olivier Bouly), and the broader CNH/AGXTEND family. Soon, we will bring news about XPU!

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