Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Electroherb™: the non-chemical crop protection alternative
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Electroherb™: the non-chemical crop protection alternative
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control
Providing tools for a herbicide-free world.
Advanced power electrophysics for clean weed control

Zasso Brasil Electric Weeding at Quinta da Baronesa, in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo

The Zasso Brazil team, led by our commercial manager and agronomist, Emilio Garnham, presented the Capina Elétrica in Bragança Paulista at the Quinta da Baronesa condominium.

The Urban Electric Weeding equipment was operated on the condominium guides, gutters, sidewalks and cycle paths, eliminating weeds without damaging concrete and asphalt. The portable equipment IZI has been shown to be efficient in the gardens without drifting or damaging the lawn.

Quinta da Baronesa is located between Itatiba and Bragança Paulista, the condominium has a riding center, clubs, golf and a lot of care for the environment.

They already have actions such as the total preservation of green areas and enrichment of existing natural resources, own water collection, treatment and distribution station, own sewage treatment station, reuse of water for irrigation of common areas, grassy sidewalks, favoring the water infiltration into the soil, liquid and solid waste recycling, among others.

The use of Electric Weeding is one of the initiatives aimed at quality of life and the environment, the best solution for those looking for efficiency in forest without herbicides:

  • Completely free of any chemical agent.
  • Environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.
  • Up to 20x faster than other weeding methods.
  • Certified for use on organic crops.
  • Controls plants resistant to other weeding methods.
  • It does not harm the health of the population;
  • Economical
  • High power electronics use only lightning strikes to control weeds!

IZI results on Novelli Junior Stadium lawn shows the efficiency of Zasso technology

Our partner GreeLeaf, who is in charge of the Ituano Novelli Junior Stadium lawns, welcomed us for a demonstration of IZI, our Portable Electric Weeding Equipment.

See the result after 1 week of application, the preserved lawn and only the weeds chosen in the application were COMPLETELY DRY, and without making use of herbicides.

Why choose Zasso Electric Weeding?

What may seem like a simple and millennial practice denotes much more sophistication than many realize. Weeding has various types and different methods, which we will discuss and compare with Electric Weeding. It is important to consider the best weeding method for each area for a number of factors, for example: if it affects soil quality, microorganisms, crops, water sources, weeding health and the surrounding population, environmental impacts, laws and restrictions on responsible agencies, among others.

Weeding is known as weeding, which the dictionaries explain to us as “Clearing the ground of grass or any weeds.” Or the expression carpir, which detonates in grief and whining. This sense comes from the Latin CARPERE, which means “spoon” or “pluck”, used as “plucking hair or beard in pain”, bringing with it this feeling of grief. Breathing was not an easy task, it took a lot of physical effort.

Nowadays it only maintains the sense of “weeding, weeding”, because with technological advances this practice does not have to be painful and difficult. Get to know some types of weeding and compare with Electric Weeding:

  • Hand weeding is the oldest form of weeding. It consists of plucking plants by hand or with the aid of hoe and other hand tools.
  • Plow weeding is common in agriculture, the plow is an instrument that revolves the land and with it weeds. It can be made with manual plow, with animal or mechanical traction.
  • Mechanical  weeding is weeding techniques that use mechanical equipment, tractors and other machines. Usually they are equipment that revolve the earth where they pass.
  • Weeding is the technique of eliminating weeds through chemical agents, herbicides are sprayed on unwanted plants. It is the technique that generates the most debate, as the use of some substances can be harmful to health and the environment. Anvisa already restricts this technique in Brazilian municipalities and many groups discuss this use also in agriculture.

Weeding is an alternative that consists in killing invasive weeds through controlled electrical discharges applied directly to unwanted plants. It is a Brazilian technology that uses high power electronics for bush control, the lightning strikes the leaves and travel the plant to its roots, thus eliminating them completely. Eliminates herbicide-resistant plants, such as the bush.

Our Electric Weeding technology is totally herbicide free, much more delicate with the ground than other methods and fully mechanized, meaning the operator does everything inside the truck or tractor.

We also offer a manual option, our portable IZI equipment, which with the same technology kills the bush in a focused manner with a few seconds of application and almost no effort from those who operate.

It is also the best alternative for those seeking solutions in organic crops, as free of herbicides and chemical agents national and international certifications can be issued to producers who use our equipment. In addition, being herbicide free is essential for urban uses, as Anvisa restricts chemical control of weeds in all Brazilian municipalities. We offer Electric Urban Weeding for this control on guides, gutters and sidewalks.

Our Electric Weeding is a sustainable, non-polluting and non-aggressive alternative to health. Maintains the quality of the soil and its microorganisms. For more information about Zasso Brazil Electric weeding, please contact us.

Introducing Zasso Weeding in Joinville

Introducing Zasso Weeding in Joinville

In July 2018, the Urban Electric Weeding was in demonstrations in Joinville, Santa Catarina. Introducing the technology and attesting the efficiency of the bush without herbicides to the guests.

Our commercial manager, Flavio Pellegrinelli, accompanied by our representative in the state, Anselmo Cadorin, and our partner MarBrasil, represented by Dauren Monteiro, received during the two days demos, mayors, secretaries, businessmen and others interested in Electric Weeding.

Safe for the environment and health of the population, weeding is totally free of poison! Anvisa restricts the use of herbicides in all Brazilian municipalities, which are subject to a fine. Weeding is made exclusively with electricity. A technology that controls unwanted plants with lightning strikes. It can be applied through different equipment in various environments such as urban, agricultural, forestry, domestic, among others. Safe for the environment and population health.

The electrical energy required for proper control is applied through an active electrode, which touches the leaves (aerial system) of the target plant. The electric current applied by the active electrode travels the circuit between the leaves (aerial system), roots (root system), soil and passive electrode, which may be in contact with the soil or other plants. The death of the plant occurs by the destruction of the vascular bundles (xylem and phloem) through which the sap of the plant flows. There is no residual effect or residue after application.

Guide, gutter and sidewalk cleaning operations were successful and results can already be observed at the test sites. In urban applications like this, it can be up to 20x faster than other weeding methods.

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